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Three-Zone Hair Salon Certification

Why Become Safe Salon Certified?

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#1 Reason: Salons Can Make More Money 

When salons are Three Zone Protection Certified, they often times are able to charge higher prices because clients are willing to pay more since they’re not breathing in unhealthy chemicals they’re exposed to in other salons.


  • Zone 1: The Breathing Zone – Protecting your stylist’s and customer’s breathing zones from harmful chemicals and dust.  This is taken care of by a Chemical Source Capture System.
  • Zone 2: Salon Zone – 15-20% of salon dust, vapors and odors will NOT be caught by the source capture systems, because of various levels of crosswind (open window or door, blowing fan, etc.) so it’s vital you protect the rest of the salon space with an salon room air purifier.
  • Zone 3: Building Zone – Small amounts of vapors, fumes and dust can end up seeping into other rooms and neighboring businesses, so the Dust Plus filter prevents that from occurring. This will replace the current filter in your HVAC system, but can also be used above intake vents when needed.

Hair Salon Certification


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