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Tory Backtoome Alston

"They have these at the nail salon I go to and it was so much of a better experience,not having to wipe dust off if your phone rings or u have to scratch lol or just having to breath it all in." ❣️

Tory Backtoome Alston
High Point, NC

Lola's Nails

"I received mine a couple of days ago and I absolutely love it! It works great, and the LED light is amazing!  I don't know how I lived with out it !" 😁😁

Lola's Nails
Denver, CO

Jussie D. Artistry

"I have been a lash artist for over 12 years, and started using my Whisper a little over a year ago. What I can't stress enough is how I wish I started using it sooner. I started having sensitivities lashing and never thought anything of it being due to my daily surroundings. Yes, it is an investment- but absolutely the best when it comes to your health and well-being long term. I will continue to support this company as they have excellent customer service and truly care about their customers. Thank you, Aerovex!"

Jussie D. Artistry
Amethyst Lounge LLC

Doris Good

I use a glue ring. I bought my Aerovex after experiencing a chemical burn on my left eye from being close to the glue ring. It was an allergy day for me and my eyes had been watering. Cyanoacrylate bonds with the moisture in the air and my eyes had plenty that day. Just because an adhesive has "less fumes" does not mean that the fumes do not exist. Just because a substance does not have an odor does not mean it is safe. Since I began using my extractor my clients do not experience watery eyes, which has helped tremendously with retention. My clients do not have the dreaded red eye upon opening because of the fumes. I don't have to blink to clear my vision (I thought it was my eyes and my magnifiers, it was the fumes!) BEST investment in my business, sets me apart from the other lash artists that do not use an extractor. BEST investment in myself! My eyes, sinus, throat and lungs have not had an issue since! Thank you Aerovex!

Doris Good
Lash Goddess

Selda Dauti

Mystique Hair Studio in West Bloomfield Michigan is grateful for Aerovex. The three zone protection salon air purifiers are amazing . We do 4-6 Liquid Keratin treatments per day and not one client complains that the air is polluted or that the fumes are a bother. We highly believe that without our Aerovex systems we would be in trouble given that we are such a small studio doing so many treatment per day. Thank you Aerovex for protecting us and protecting our clients from all the fumes that hair products and crevices cause. Because of you our Hair Studio is a special salon in the heart of West Bloomfield Michigan!

Selda Dauti
Mystique Hair Studio / West Bloomfield



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Over 8000 Salons Have Trusted Us Since 2001

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