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Aerovex has been the industry leader in air quality and innovation for the printing industry since 1988.

The One That Works™ Printers' Air Purifier - Air Purification

This air purifying system is the ideal solution for small print shops that can benefit from an industrial all-day running machine. When your inside operations open, you will need an effective way to keep the air in your print room or pressroom free from printing vapors including press wash, blanket and roller wash, ink aqueous coatings, spray powder and paper dust.

The One The Works™ Air Purifier for Printers is specifically designed for these types of environments; ones were gasses, toxins, odors, spray powders, and bacteria-laden dust needs to be filtered from the air to create a safe working environment.

The One That Works™ Printers\’  air purifier’s air purifier features one of the highest grades of activated carbon available. It can be run 24 hours a day. Through the procedure called “fountain flow”, clean air will simultaneously circulate throughout your printing facility—up to 1,000 sq. ft.–while the bed of activated carbon pellets traps toxic chemical vapors/ fumes and odors, and locks them away. 

For larger spaces, you can incorporate multiple units evenly spaced. This air purification machine is designed specifically to target more than 350 pollutants. The economical, machine-washable foam dust filter removes  spray powder, paper dust, and other dust particulate as small as one micron. Unlike electronic particle collectors, “The One That Works” filters the air through six pounds of activated carbon which adsorbs chemical vapors, fumes and odors.


Key Features:

Covers up to a 1,000 square ft. room (10,000 cubic ft)

Cleans 400-600 cubic feet per minute

Designed to run 24 hours a day for all-day use

Rolling caster wheels make it easily mobile

Uses a washable dust filter

Quiet 45dB noise level while running

The One That Works™ Printers' Air Purifier with PCO Technology

This latest version of The One That Works™ Printers\’ Air Purifier designed specifically to target and destroy harmful contaminants such as viruses and bacteria while adsorbing and filtering chemical fumes, vapors, and other airborne articles. 

Unlike other appliances that electronically collect dust, pollens, and smoke particles, The One That Works™ filters the room air through 340 cubic inches of high grade Activated Carbon. In conjunction with the activated carbon, the outer washable dust filter traps dust and other small particles that are present in the room air.  In the final stage a photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) cell utilizes shortwave UV light to actively destroy VOCs and microorganisms.

The One That Works with PCO Technology continuously disinfects surfaces and air 24/7, minimizing contamination, recontamination, and cross-contamination in real-time. It is safe to use in occupied spaces. It works without chemicals or ozone and breaks down VOC contaminants into harmless byproducts. 


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Key Features:

• Adsorbs and destroys printing vapors including press wash, blanket and roller wash, ink aqueous coatings, spray powder and paper dust using both activated carbon filtration and active photocatalytic (PCO) technology in one machine.  

• Dramatically reduces contaminants in the affected areas.

• Covers up to 3000 sq ft, 30,000 cubic ft

• Cleans 400-600 cubic ft per minute

• Designed to run 24 hours a day 

• Portable, with wheels for easy relocation

• Dimensions: 15″ H x 16.5″ W

• Weight: 34 lbs.

• Replace carbon every 4-6 months 

• No Assembly Required 

• Made in U.S.A.

Dust Controller™

Roll-Away dust and particulate contaminants from flexographic plates while printing with our Dust Controller™. Removes contaminates from vacuum frame glass and bladders, including under the pin board, and the pin board. Perfect and economical to use on all vacuum frames: film, plate, color proofing, etc.

Long-lasting, top-quality contaminant remover tape is cut into individual sheets for fast removal and zero waste. (Dust Controller is also used to remove contaminants from the Poliwand fabric). Each roll has 4\” x 30\’ contaminant remover tape

Key Benefits:

  • No more ink flakes.
  • Removes dirt and debris
  • Decrease press down time
  • Especially useful on vacuum frame bladders, including under and on the top of the bin board.
  • Economical to use on all vacuum frames.
  • Long lasting top quality contaminate remover tape is cut into individual sheets for fast removal and not waste.
  • Use to remove contaminants from the Poliwand fabric.

Flexographic Dust Controller

Variation and Product SKU’s

  • Dust Controller + (1) Handle, Quantity: 1 – Handle: Angle (Single)
    • SKU: DC-A
  • Dust Controller Case, Quantity: 12 – Handle: None
    • SKU: DC-C12
  • Dust Controller Case + (1) Handle, Quantity: 12 – Handle Angle (Single)
    • SKU: DC-C12-A
  • Dust Controller Case + (1) Handle, Quantity: 12 – Handle: Stem (Single)
    • SKU: DC-C12-S
  • Dust Controller Case, Quantity: 24 – Handle: None
    • SKU: DC-C24
  • Dust Controller Case + (2) Handle, Quantity: 24 – Handle: Angle
    • SKU: DC-24-A
  • Dust Controller Case + (2) Handle, Quantity: 24 – Handle: Stem
    • SKU: DC-24-S
  • Dust Controller Master Case – (12) Handles, Quantity: 144- Handle: Angle
    • SKU: DC-CSS
  • Dust Controller Handle: Angle (Single)
    • SKU: DC-H-A
  • Dust Controller Handle: Stem (Single)
    • DC-S

Impress Antistatic Protective Coating

Not a glass cleaner, Impress protects glass with an antistatic coating.

This unique solution prevents dirt, dust and lint particles from adhering to surfaces.

Eliminates friction to reduce static build-up.

Reduces draw-down cycle time in vacuum frame.

Reduces and helps to eliminate film registration distortion.

Variations and SKUs

2oz Case of 24 (SKU: IMP-C24-2)

4oz Case of 24 (SKU: IMP-C24-4)

16oz Individual (SKU: I16 – S)

16oz Bottle – Case of 12 (SKU: I16)

16oz Case of 24 (SKU: I16-CS) 

Trigger Sprayer for 16oz Bottle 

Impress Spray
Silk Spray

Slik Spray Anti Friction Anti Static Treatment - 16 Oz Slik Spray

Slik Spray (or as many people call it, Silk Spray), is an environmentally safe, microscopic anti-static treatment that reduces static build-up and takes frictions to a near-zero level. Not only does Slik Spray aid your static reduction needs, it also eases the process with its promise of no sticky residue or buildup left behind and its simplicity of use. 

Reduces friction on paper cutter beds. 

Repels paper dust and ink on impression and transfer cylinders on presses

Cuts down drag on folding operations

Cleans and reduces adhesion of most bindery glues on paper knives

Prevents uneven jogging of stacks

Sold in 16oz bottles (individually or cases of 12)

1x $19.30/each

12x $18.10 /each

1 Gallon Slik Spray w/ Pump Dispenser: $112.9

Dust Bunny™ Magnetic Wiping Fabric

Dust Bunny™ Magnetic Wiping Fabric

Attracts dirt and dust like magic….easily washes clean.

Permanently charged polymer wiping fabric attracts dirt, dust lint and other nuisance particles. Surfaces treated with Impress allow the “magnetic” wiping fabric to remove all types of dirt, never releasing it from the “magnetic” fabric until washed in water. 

Durable, reusable and long lasting

Machine Washable

Size: 17×17

Sold Individually

Dust Bunny

Bancheez Cloth

Durable, extra low lint wipers

Bancheez Cloth wipes clean without contaminating your prepress equipment. They do not shed like conventional cheesecloth.

Highly absorbent, solvent resistant

Reusable or disposable

Use on vacuum frames, scanners, drums, light tables, and copy boards

Packaged 50 wipes per pack, 10 packs per case or individually (as a 50 pack)

Tiger Cloth

Aerovex Systems Tiger Cloth is an anti-static, microfiber cloth that has been specifically engineered for cleaning photographic films.

The 10×18 in (250 mm x 450 mm) orange cloth contains conductive fiber knit stripes every 1/8 in (4mm) which dissipates or drains off static charges.

Hundreds of thousands of small pockets in the microfiber cloth aggressively capture dust and dirt.

Tiger Cloth
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