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Introducing the SPOTLIGHT Program –
Marketing with a Message

As an owner of the Aerovex 3-Zone Package you know the air in your salon is protected to the highest quality—the Aerovex Clean Air Certified Salon standard. Presenting this important message, in addition to your salon’s special offers, is the next step in increasing salon bookings and getting a positive return on your investment. Our innovative, straightforward marketing system makes it simple.

The SPOTLIGHT Program delivers a menu of digital marketing campaigns with top-notch content, copy, and online conversion specialization, utilizing 30+ years of data we have collected that is specific to the salon industry. We are collaborating with Soundvision Co.—a digital media collective experienced in crafting strong stories for effective business-to-consumer communications.

You can review the historical success of each campaign, choose your favorite style, and we do the rest. Our intuitive tracking process can calculate whether the campaign you choose will work with the messaging you present, and the promotions you offer to your clients. This translates to “Did they enjoy their experience and will they want to return again and again?” Establishing such a relationship is critical to building a powerful brand, thereby growing your business.

Try the SPOTLIGHT Program for 90 days. If we do not see a return-on-investment (ROI) of 1 to 3, (for every dollar you spend, you make 3) you can cancel your participation. You will still walk away with valuable insight, positive Google Reviews and the opportunity for continuing Social Media marketing consultation.

You paid for the equipment; now let it pay you back in increased revenues and long-term, engaged customers.

Our mission is to raise the health consciousness of the entire industry; and, we are very excited about our new, easy-for-you online marketing to promote the benefits and services of your Clean Air salon.

Contact us today to sign up for the SPOTLIGHT Program.

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