The Facts About Virus Decontamination

Let’s start with this clarification: COVID-19 is NOT a virus. It is a contagious, respiratory disease caused by becoming infected with the virus SARS-Cov-2, a specific type of coronavirus that can be killed. Killing the SARS-Cov-2 virus provides protection for people against contracting Covid-19.

There are many claims being made today about types of equipment and methods for protection against Covid-19. Aerovex products are proven effective and are backed by legitimate scientific research and studies by MIT and other sources. You are welcome to read about them in detail here. Aerovex products also purify your salon air from nail dust and a host of other contaminates, and can help you meet your states codes.

To save you time and simplify choosing what product is best for your needs, the descriptions below summarize what product works best for various salon situations and environments.

We’re also glad to help you determine the best products for your business. We have friendly, US employed experts ready to help you meet & exceed your code requirements! 1-800-288-2023

Aerovex Products for Decontamination & Purification

PPE Products for Covid-19 Protection

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