Lash Pro Value Package


Lash Pro Value Package


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The Lash Pro Value Package includes the Sunflower II LED Nail Dust Collector with wheeled stand and the Aerovex Systems Wall Mounted Salon Air Purifier.

This package is designed for use in Lash Studios to remove and capture lash glue monomer cyanoacrylate and other chemical vapors and dust at the breathing zone, preventing inhalation exposure. Additionally, the Sunflower targets nail dust and nail product vapors and odors emitted from UV Gel Polish.

The Wall Mounted Salon Air Purifier automatically detects lash glue monomer cyanoacrylate and other vapors, fine dust and particulates in the air, and automatically adjusts fan speed to accommodate for different air pollution levels. The HEPA filter efficiently removes pollutants, including dust, pet dander, and pollen, down to 0.3 microns and above, while the Activated Carbon filter adsorbs chemical vapors, fumes, and other volatile organic compounds (VOC) present in the air. Finally, the UV light deactivates airborne viruses and bacteria.

The Sunflower II LED Nail Dust Collector is a high-powered, low-noise lash artist source capture system that extracts vapors emitted by lash monomer cyanoacrylate glues.

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Sunflower II LED Features & Specifications:

The Sunflower II LED Dust Collector is a Powerful Dust & Odor Extractor removes Dust, Fumes, chemical vapors, volatile compounds (VOC) and Nuisance Odors from the breathing zone of Lash technicians and their clients. The powerful LED light allows for ideal illumination of the workstation, and the Sunflower II comes with an easily adjustable wheeled stand which makes relocation from station to station easy.

  • Includes Wheeled Stand for Easy Relocation.
  • Includes 2 filters.
  • Airflow Volume: 135 CFM airflow
  • Power: Input: DC 12V, 1.25 A, Max, CE Listed 135 CFM
  • Dimensions: SF Head: 9.25″, Head top diameter: 131mm (5.16″).
  • Weight: 5.25 lbs
  • Replacement Filter: Sunflower Replacement Filter (sold in packs of 5) should be emptied daily, and changed monthly.
  • Note: This unit comes with clamp mount, Other accessories sold separately: Wheeled Stand, Suction Mount, Hole Mount or screw on base.

Wall Mount Air Purifier Features and Specifications :

This Wall Mount Air Purifier removes dust, fine particles, pollen, and vapors caused by common products found in salons (Lash, Hair and Nail). UV light deactivates airborne viruses and bacteria. Sensors detect moisture, fine dust, and particulates in the air adjusting airflow needed for the current pollution levels. This system removes particles such as dust, pollen, and pollutants, to 0.3 microns and above to 99.99% efficiency.

The Wall Mount Air Purifier is portable and can stand on a desk or easily mounts to the wall to save precious floor space. One Unit services rooms up to 215 square feet (For larger rooms, two Wall Mount Air Purifiers can be purchased).

  • The Unit comes with a remote control, has sleep function, 1 hour timer and 3 hour timer.
  • Voltage/ Power: 110~240V/50~60Hz
  • Rated Power:  8.5W
  • Noise Level:  53 dB
  • Airflow Volume:  60 cubic feet per minute (CFM)
  • Weight:  5.5 lbs
  • Dimensions: 30cm x 30cm x 12 cm
  • Replacement Filter: Filter should replaced every two months with our Wall Mount Replacement Filter or when filter replacement warning light comes on.
  • Note: This unit can be wall mounted (fittings supplied) or stand on a desk.
  • Remote control (or dashboard) operated.
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