Why Hair Salon Air Quality is Important

Remove Hair Treatment Chemicals To Protect Your Salon

Harmful and annoying odors can be easily removed from your salon forever

Recent advancements in hair salon ventilation technologies have been introduced to the salon industry, which when used and maintained properly, can allow hair salon workers to provide all types of salon chemical services in a safe working environment without compromising their health. Source capture ventilation for hair salons is designed to capture hair salon chemical vapors and dusts at or near its source, protecting the hair stylist\’ breathing zone, and preventing inhalation of, or dispersing of contaminants into the salon air.

Zone 1 – Your Breathing Zone


The easiest and most efficient way to prevent vapors and dust from getting into the hair salon is to provide the hair stylist with a Source Capture Ventilation System. Our Chemical Source Capture System protects the \’breathing zone\’ around the hair stylist and the client – the two-foot radius in front of the mouth. Every breath we take comes from the breathing zone. If vapors and dust are caught immediately they don\’t become inhaled and make it past the work station and into the salon. If anything does get past the source capture ventilation system, it would be absorbed by the \”The One That Works™\” room air purifier.

Source capture ventilation for hair salons is able to protect both the stylist\’s and client\’s breathing zone and prevent overexposure to excessive levels of formaldehyde. Source capture systems intake the chemical vapors that are created when stylists apply chemical treatments to the hair, during blow drying and flat ironing. Then they adsorb and contain the vapors.

Together, source capture ventilation and purification systems minimize what becomes part of the hair salon air. The hair stylists benefit in two ways. First, they breathe clean air – which makes for happier lungs while helping to eliminate sensory irritation (burning eyes, scratchy throat, runny nose, headaches). Second, they will never have to be concerned about the smell of the hair salon.

Zone 2 – Your Salon


Room air purification to cleanse the work station and salon room air, further reducing the potential of overexposure to formaldehyde or other salon vapors and dusts found in the salon.

All hair salon chemical vapors including formaldehyde are heavier than air and tend to migrate to the floor. It is important to choose a ventilation unit which not only contains sufficient amount of adsorbent material, (i.e. 8 lbs activated carbon), but also moves a sufficient volume of air, (400 to 600 cubic ft. per minute). A hair salon ventilation unit which provides a \’Fountain Flow\’ of air by forcing clean air towards the ceiling will create the necessary airflow pattern to scrub contaminants from the hair salon air. Because salon vapors are in greatest concentrations at floor level, choose a unit designed to capture pollutants at the floor level. Salon Ventilation

Zone 3 – Your Building


A building\’s ventilation system, whether in a strip mall or a stand alone structure, is called the HVAC system. These systems are professionally maintained by a specialist who changes the filters and properly balance and clean the system every year. The Dust Plus Filters™ have an increased dust holding capacity and is composed of two, rinse-able layers of Electrostatic Polypropylene grids that collect and trap dust. The inside of the Dust Plus Filters™ are composed of an interchangeable Activated Carbon Panel which captures and removes salon specific chemical vapors.

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