Meet Jeff Cardarella, Aerovex Founder

How Does Aerovex Systems Help Salons?

Aerovex Systems also promotes positive practices that improve salon safety. Their education isn’t just designed to sell products, but instead to teach and inform. They promote total salon air quality solutions through their “Three Zone Protection” salon ventilation approach which helps to ensure high quality air throughout the salon, not just one station or chair. This innovative approach removes salon vapors & dusts at the source of emission, which protects the breathing zone; while also cleaning the general room air, as well as the air coming into the building from the outside.

I’m particularly impressed by the comprehensive approach that Aerovex Systems takes to help ensure that salons have consistently high quality breathing air.” —Doug Schoon, Schoon Scientific & Regulatory Consulting, LLC.

What’s Innovative about the Aerovex Systems?

For many years Aerovex Systems has consistently provided high quality source capture ventilation and room air purification systems to hair, nail and skin care salons. Their equipment consists of well-designed ventilation systems that make the performance of any salon service much safer including; artificial nails, keratin hair smoothing treatments, laser hair removal treatments and any other salon service that generates vapors and/or dusts.

How to Protect everyone in your saloon with proper Ventilation and Air Purification


Meet Jeff Cardarella, Aerovex Founder


Jeff is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, with a degree in Occupational Safety and spent his early years working on air quality issues in the printing industry. Within the past 15 years, he became aware of increasing health problems, ranging from eye and throat irritation to asthma and leukemia, among nail technicians
and hair stylists.

Alarmed by the prevalence of potentially dangerous fumes, vapors, dusts and mists permeating the air in these environments, Jeff began working on devices especially designed to remove harmful toxins from the air in hair salons, nail salons and spas. His research efforts included consultations with hundreds of cosmetologists, an aerospace design engineer with experience in air purification, and a leading source capture ventilation manufacturing expert.

Jeff also consulted with an internationally known salon industry scientist & chemist to develop proper breathing zone protection for salon professionals, and a comprehensive “Three Zone Protection” approach towards proper salon ventilation.

He believes that everyone, especially the hard-working people who serve others as part of their every-day lives, should enjoy the benefits of clean air. Because they care about clean air, his team at Aerovex Systems is dedicated to provide the best possible air purification products to salons at affordable prices.

Jeff is also a founding member of the Professional Keratin Smoothing Council which is committed to the safety of salon professionals and consumers and the growth of the professional beauty industry, advocacy for the Keratin/Smoothing hair category and the principles of professionalism, transparency and accountability.

Nails Magazine and Nailpro Reader’s # 1 Favorite Ventilation System


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“I have bragged and LOVED my Aerovex System since day one and love it even more now! I cannot express how thankful I am that I have this! I have a 3 zone system. My capture, HEPA filter at my station, a charcoal filter that stays on 24/7 that cleans the air, and a charcoal filter in the HVAC that takes care of the rest. I’ve had it for 3 years and I don’t have the smell of acrylic in my suite. The capture system sucks up all the dust from filling nails and the real heavy stuff falls on my towel. I cannot imagine working without it.”
Melody Milton WatralThe Nailery ‘A Nail Spa’
\”It is important to understand that Viruses and other Pathogens do not have \”Wings\” but they do have \”Magic Carpets\” -meaning they take rides on dust particles that fly them all around the room for everyone to inhale. Dusts can carry pathogens so if you don\’t control nail filings/dust you are NOT doing all you can to control potentially infectious pathogens.\”
Doug SchoonInternationally known salon industry scientist & educator
Aerovex systems are a must have for salons! They allow us to do what we love everyday without risking our respiratory health. Jeff is professional and very helpful. We recommend their systems to all salon owners and stylists
Michael Ralph BianchiCEO

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