Since Time is of the Essence, Let’s Get Straight to the Point…

We are Aerovex Systems, and we specialize in air purification and ventilation (leading authority for salon ventilation), and we only offer equipment backed by science.

How We Can Help During the COVID-19 crisis?

After researching COVID-19, we find our company in a position to help our at-risk community. Some of our ventilation & purification equipment that can help were designed by MIT Engineers. They are medical grade, meaning they capture & Kill airborne pathogens, bacteria, mold, fungus, and viruses.

As a family owned and operated company, our goal is to make the at-risk community safer by making them air purification equipment that captures and kills airborne viruses, or at least educate those at risk or caring for people that are at risk on what to look for when deciding what to product to buy, even if our ventilation equipment is not for you.

Step 1

We urge you to watch the short video below so you will be able to discern whether a product is a scam stemming from a person trying to make a quick buck off of others pain, or legitimate.

The 8 Factors to Consider When
Buying an Air 

  1. Concern or target containment
  2. Coverage Area
  3. Efficiency
  4. Style
  5. Volume
  6. Special Features
  7. Cost, frequency & availability of filter replacements
  8. Energy Efficiency
  9. Warranty & Service


We should NOT take our chances with COVID-19 by buying equipment that offers all the five forces: Sieving, Direct impact, Inertial Impaction, Diffusion, and Electrostatic. Healthy Air® with eHEPA® provides all these. Furthermore, be aware of the following information:

We use a lesser dense filter material that you can pass a lot of air through, but with regular size fans. Before that filter we give a negative electrostatic charge to the particles. Then we apply an energy field to the filter that polarizes the fibers of the HEPA filter to have the opposite charge. Then the electrostatic attraction of the negative charge on the particle toward the positive charge on the fibers of the HEPA filter will help capture the smallest particles at highest rate.

We apply a 10Kilovolt energy field to the filter to highly polarize it. So, our electrostatic force is much more than the force claimed by other air purifiers

[eHEPA Filter (ultra-fine particles) image]

[Catalyst Carrier Honeycomb Filter image]

[Energizer Image]

Step 2

If you are interested in learning how our systems can protect nursing homes or the at risk community, and the proper application set up, the please watch this 2nd short video.


Step 3

Breathe. We are here for you. You can purchase our equipment below, if you have any questions about our systems, or about ventilation in general please feel free to schedule a free consultation by clicking on the free consult button at the bottom of the page.

HealthyAir® Room Air Purifier

(Built with Patented eHEPA® Technology) 

Proven to Trap & Kill Airborne Viruses (like COVID-19), Bacteria, Odors & VOCs