Salon Air Quality & Ventilation Code Experts

Protecting the health of the your staff and clients is our mission and purpose. Now, we’re including the health of your business.

So, what exactly is the Aerovex Marketing Program?

The program is a digital marketing plan designed to quickly increase your appointments while also creating a clean air environment in your business, using modern air purification & ventilation equipment.

Clean Air Certification.

If your business is Clean Air Certified through Aerovex Systems, you are eligible for the the "Aerovex Marketing Program” Book a consultation today to see how to become certified.

The technology is proven effective.

Aerovex ventilation & purification equipment was designed and developed by MIT Engineers. They are used in medical facilities and capture & Kill airborne pathogens, bacteria, mold, fungus, and viruses, along with all particle and volatile contaminates.

What if my business is currently closed?

Take advantage of the down time to get your marketing package set-up with one month of social media posts announcing the safety measures you are taking for your clients. We’ll pause your subscription until you let us know when to start.


Let your customers know your salon is safe.

You are taking the steps of protecting your clients, and they should know. This is why we have developed digital media marketing plans customizable for your business. Aerovex has created campaigns with beautiful copy and imagery to send to your existing clients, and reach new customers. They will learn about your new Clean Air Certification, any promotions you would like to run, and give your location a professional look. There is no guesswork, you’ll see in real-time how well the campaign is working.

Advanced Optional Services for Larger Salons
  • Facebook & Instagram Advertising - from $600 per month with your video
    Targets by GEO, Demo, Interests.
  • Email Marketing - $900 per month - 15,000 Prospects
    Includes send to 15,000 women in your target market by location and income.
  • Mobile Social GEO Fencing -$995 per month
    Targets prospects on their Smart Phone based on location, including those visiting the Competition.
  • Search Engine Marketing - starting at $1000 monthly
    Targeting Top of Page one of Google; rates vary by salon type & GEO target.
  • YouTube Advertising - starting at $600 for 30 sec video ad
    Targets customers online looking for video inspiration searching best keywords.
  • Search & Site Retargeting - $485/mo
    Targets those most recently searched best keywords or those that have already visted your website.