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Outside Ventilation Compliance | Salon Building Codes

For new nail salons, IMC code requires a source capture system capable of exhausting a minimum of 50 CFM per station with exhaust inlets located not more than 12 inches from the point of chemical application.

By capturing contaminants at the source with an adjustable flexible air intake, the Healthy Air™ Nail Salon Source Capture system from Aerovex, meets or exceeds the IMC requirement for source capture ventilation in the nail salon.

Also, these systems can be attached to an easy to install adaptor, directing the treated air out of the salon.

By treating this outgoing air, our source capture systems prevent nail dust from accumulating in ductwork that could result in fire hazards and stop contaminated air from re-entering the salon and/or causing problems with neighboring businesses.

Yet another Aerovex Systems advantage for nail salons is, by installing Healthy Air™ nail Source capture systems you will have the ability to apply the clean air output for each system to the overall 0.6 CFM/ft2 that is required to exhaust from the overall salon air, saving energy and money (IMC 2015 Table 403.3.1.1 for Nail Salons b,h).

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Example of a Nail Salon Blueprint consisting of
Source Capture Systems with Outside Ventilation Adapters

How to Meet International Mechanical Code for Nail Salons

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