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Aerovex sets the benchmark for quality products and is proud to help salons and printing companies purify the air for their staff and customers. We are always looking for new ways to continually improve our products, so please check back often for information on new products, news articles and tradeshow events.

Help Celebrate the 1st International Safe Salon Awareness Week

2/22/2017 The first week ever dedicated to bringing information to the masses on what to look for in a salon that is SAFE!

Visit Safe Salon Supply, LLC , a fine distributor of Aerovex Systems products and help celebrate the 1st International Safe Salon Awareness Week, launching April 2nd at the Best lil’ Nail Show TEXAS!!!

One week gets you started with easy video tutorials and printed guidelines on giving and receiving safe salon services!!

Launching the first week of April at the Best lil Nail Show Texas, Houston, this will be 7 days and 7 (or more) ways to know you are visiting or providing the best practices in a salon!

Check back here for more information, including sponsoring companies:

  • Aerovex
  • Dazzle Dry
  • Medinail Learning Center
  • Nails Magazine
  • Nail Talk Radio
  • Safe Salon Rating
  • Safe Salon Supply (of course!)
  • Soft Landings Towels

“The One That Works™” Nail Salon Air Purifier Wins Nails Magazine 2016 Readers’ Choice Award!

\"ISSAW11/22/2016 It’s been a while, but “The One That Works™” is back to #1, and Nail Magazine Readers’ Favorite Ventilation System for 2016! A big thank you to all the nail professionals who voted!

\"Never1/14/2016 Congratulations to the latest winner of the Aerovex Systems and Nail Talk Radio FREE Giveaway. This time the lucky winner took home a The One That Works™ Salon Air Purifier for free! Stay tuned for more exciting contests and promotions.

The Healthy Air™ Nail Salon Source Capture System – 2015 Nailpro Readers Choice Award Winner!

\"TOTW1/14/2016 Thank you to all the readers of Nailpro Magazine for choosing the Healthy Air™ Source Capture System for nail salons as their favorite ventilation system!\"2015

Nail Talk Radio Giveaway – WIN A Healthy Air™ Nail Source Capture System!


WIN a Healthy Air™ Nail Source Capture System by entering today!!!

Aerovex Systems Wins 1st Runner Up Award for Doug Schoon’s Most Innovative Idea 2014!


We are grateful and honored to announce that Schoon Scientific has awarded Aerovex Systems it’s 1st Runner Up 2014 Innovation of the Year award!

For many years Aerovex Systems has relied upon Doug Schoon’s professional consultation and scientific expertise. Doug is the salon professional’s greatest education resource and advocate for providing a safe working environment.

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