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Guidelines for Controlling and Minimizing Inhalation Exposure to Nail Products.

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Source Capture Ventilation for Nail Salons

The Whisper is a highly effective nail dust, vapor/odor, and airborne pathogen source capture system. Quiet operation, high filter capacity and portable, this unit removes harmful vapors and dust from the breathing zone of nail salon professionals.

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You Are Now Entering the Breathing Zone

The invisible beach ball-sized sphere of air that surrounds your face in all directions is a great place to start implementing efficient salon ventilation. NAILS walks you through all of the things you need to know in this great article.                                                                                      Complete Article


Why Downdraft Manicure Tables are Not Good Source Capture

Keratin Hair Smoothing Salon Ventilation

The salon industry is notorious for having improper ventilation in place to protect salon workers from overexposure to salon chemical vapors, mists, and dust. An incomplete understanding of salon…

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Breathe Easy

Beware the air! If you’re wheezing and sneezing, it could be the salon environment. How do you clean a surface you can’t see?

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Evaluation of Ergonomics, Chemical Exposures, and Ventilation at Four Nail Salons

A new study from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention emphasizes the importance of proper nail salon ventilation for the safety of employees.

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Small Schoon Innovation

Doug Schoon Innovation Awards

Chemical Source Capture Systems – Most Innovative Idea 1st Runner Up from Schoon Scientific.

Reducing Inhalation Exposure to Nail Salon Products

Salon industry expert and scientist Doug Schoon lays out in simple terms the most effective way to minimize exposure to nail salon dusts and chemical vapors.

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10 Risky Jobs for Your Lungs

Your lungs work hard. Most adults take more than 20,000 breaths a day. But just how well your lungs do their job may be affected by the job you do.

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Doesn’t This Smell Bother You?

“If you smelled a gas leak in your house, you wouldn’t want an air purifier to get rid of the smell, you would want to get rid of the gas”, says Doug Schoon, chief scientific advisor for CND.

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Nail Salons as Your Neighbor or Tenant

12 Sample Nail Salon Fresh Air Guidelines YOU can Follow.

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“Overexposed, Underinformed”: Nail Salon Workers and Hazards to Their Health / A Review of the Literature

New York State Department of Health – Review of Chemicals Used in Nail Salons

Review of Chemicals Used in Nail Salons

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“Dust Up Over Nail Salon Quality”

Pregnancy and the Salon

When your clients discover they’re pregnant, one of the first questions they will ask you is, “Can I keep wearing my nail enhancement during my pregnancy?” Similarly, if a nail technician becomes pregnant, will she have to quit the salon? This article provides the answers and additional information.  Read the article

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Protecting Your Health & Prosperity

How to protect your respiratory health as a lash artist by Jeff Cardarella
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