Become 3-Zone Certified

As an owner of the Aerovex 3-Zone Package you know the air in your salon is protected to the highest quality—the Aerovex Clean Air Certified Salon standard.


Backed by scientific research, Aerovex Systems has put together a comprehensive 3-Zone approach to protecting your salon air to the highest standard. When you become 3-Zone certified, you are not only meeting and exceeding OSHA standards and meeting codes, you are taking those extra precautionary measures to ensure EVERYONE’S safety. We only certify those who are practicing the most effective safety measures, not those just looking to avoid fines.

Zone 1: The Breathing Zone
Protecting your salon professional’s and customer’s breathing zones from harmful chemicals and dust. This is taken care of by a Nail Source Capture System.

Zone 2: Salon Zone
20-25% of nail dust, vapors and odors will NOT be caught by the source capture systems, because of various levels of crosswind (open window or door, blowing fan, etc.) so it’s vital you protect the rest of the salon space with a salon air purifier.

Zone 3: Building Zone
Connecting rooms (restrooms, office, break room, etc.) and neighboring can be vulnerable to escaping vapors and odors, so it’s best to have the Dust Plus filter. This filter goes into your HVAC system or an intake ven

How Three Zone Protection Works!


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