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It's easy to become Clean Air Certified.

By ensuring all three zones of your business are protected and properly purified, Aerovex will provide your business with the Clean Air Certification.

Aerovex has used top scientists from MIT and elsewhere to not only create our products, but to also determine clean air quality standards. These same standards have been used to write new codes across all States. So it’s no mistake that Aerovex is the industry leader in clean air for salons and other businesses, and also top experts in our field for conforming to clean air codes.

How To Become Certified

To become Clean Air Certifed, you simply purchase one of the Aerovex-Approved 3-Zone packages for your business. When your purchase ships, your window decal will be included in the shipment and you will be on record as “Clean Air Certified”!

If you are unsure what 3-Zone package will work best for your space, or already have some equipment, simply arrange a free consultation with one of our experts and we’ll put together the most efficient and cost-effective solution. Most times we can do this during that first phone call. We know the codes and regulations, so you won’t have any technical reading or second guessing to do!

How To Stay Certified

Once you have your Clean Air Certification, all that’s left to do for annual Certification renewal is to change the filters according to the recommended lifespan and schedule of the filters. The best way to stay on track with your filter changes and never let your Clean Air Certification expire is with our “Subscribe & Save” program. Similar to Amazon’s subscription program, filters and supplies are sent to you on an as-needed basis so you’ll always be prepared.

How 3-Zone Protection Works.
The Clean Air Certification comes with a window sticker so you can proudly display your commitment to your customers and staff.
When you become 3 zone certified, you are not only meeting and exceeding OSHA standards and meeting codes, you are taking those extra precautionary measures to ensure the safety of your customers and staff.

Zone 1: Breathing Zone
Protecting your staff and customer’s breathing zones from harmful chemicals and dust. This is taken care of by a Source Capture System.

Zone 2: Room Zone
20-25% of dust, vapors and odors will not be caught by the source capture systems, because of various levels of crosswind (open window or door, blowing fan, etc.) so it’s vital you protect the rest of the room space with a room air purifier.

Zone 3: Building Zone
Connecting rooms (restrooms, office, break room, etc.) and neighboring can be vulnerable to escaping vapors and odors, so it’s best to have the Dust Plus filter. This filter goes into your HVAC system or an intake vent.

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