Why Nail Salon Air Quality is Important

Your Nail Salon Air Quality Is Your Business

Nail salon air quality is important to your customers and your staff

Protecting yourself and your clients in your nail salon from harmful dust and odors should be thought of as a three tier approach. Nail technicians should be concerned with the breathing zone, the salon space and the building.

Zone 1 – Your Breathing Zone:

\"NailThe easiest and most efficient way to prevent vapors and dust from getting into the nail salon air is to supply each nail station with a Nail Source Capture System. Our Nail Source Capture System protects the breathing area around the nail technician and the client. If vapors and dust in the air are caught immediately, they don\’t make it past the desk and into the salon. If anything does get past the source capture system, it would be absorbed by the \”The One That Works™\” room air purifier. Together, the nail source capture and air purification systems minimize what becomes part of the air. The technicians benefit in two ways. First, they breathe clean air – which makes for happier lungs, and reduces headaches, fatigue, and dry, irritated eyes. Second, they will never have to be concerned about the smell of the salon.

Zone 2 – Your Salon Space:

\"OSHA\"If you walk into your salon in the morning and it smells, you have a problem. The vapors emitted by nail products should be out of the air within 10 minutes. Investing in a nail salon air purification system will take care of the problem. We know venting to the outside is considered the best way, but it isn\’t always possible or practical. Our system absorbs the vapors created by nail products and this is important. Some products neutralize the smell so you think the problem is solved, but this doesn\’t get rid of the chemicals in the air. Our \”The One That Works™\” salon air purification system doesn\’t just neutralize the odor, it removes the nail vapors and dust from the air.

Zone 3 – Your Building:

\"Filters\"A salon\’s ventilation system, whether in a strip mall or a stand alone structure, is called the HVAC system. These systems are professionally maintained by a specialist who changes the filters and properly balance and clean the system every year. Our Dust Plus Filters™ have an increased dust holding capacity and is composed of two, rinse-able layers of Electrostatic Polypropylene grids that collect and trap dust. The inside of the Dust Plus Filters™ are composed of an interchangeable Activated Carbon Panel which captures and removes salon specific chemical vapors from the air.

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