Sunflower II LED with Wheeled Stand for Lash Artists

Sunflower II LED with Wheeled Stand for Lash Artists


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Discover how the Sunflower II LED with Wheeled Stand removes Lash Artist Cyanoacrylate Monomer Vapors from your breathing zone, while also making your Lash Studio more comfortable for clients and staff by improving air quality.

Package Includes:

  • The Sunflower II LED Fume Extractor
  • Wheeled Stand
  • Clamp mount
  • 7 Filters Included


Sunflower II LED Features:

  • Ensures A Clean & Healthy Work Area – The Powerful Odor Extractor removes Cyanoacrylate Glue Vapors and Nuisance Odors from the Breathing Zone of Lash Artists.
  • Included wheeled stand enables the Sunflower to move easily from station to station.

Product Additional Information

The Sunflower II LED Lash Artist Source Capture System and Dust Collector protect artists and clients from Cyanoacrylate Vapors.  It is high-powered, low-noise, and equipped with LED lighting.

The Sunflower II uses HEPA-quality filtration with activated carbon technology. The filter is composed of three layers: the inner and outer layers capture dust and the middle carbon filter adsorbs vapors and odors

Includes an easily adjustable wheeled base for portability

Other accessories sold separately:   Hole-through Mount, Screw-On Base, Suction Cup Mount, Inner Filter


  • Airflow Volume: 135 CFM airflow
  • Power: Input: DC 12V, 1.25 A, Max, CE Listed 135 CFM
  • Dimensions: SF Head: 9.25″, Head top diameter: 131mm (5.16″).
  • Weight: 5.25 lbs
  • Replacement Filter: Sunflower Replacement Filter (sold in packs of 5) should be emptied daily, and changed monthly.
  • Note: This unit comes with clamp mount, Other accessories sold separately: Wheeled Stand, Suction Mount, Hole Mount or screw on base.


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Sunflower II LED with Wheeled Stand for Lash Artists