• Sunflower Extra Value Package
  • LED Nail Dust Collector

Sunflower II Extra Value Package

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Extra Value Package Includes:

  • The Sunflower II LED Nail Dust Collector
  • 12 Sunflower II filters, a one-year supply! Replacing your filters on a monthly basis will ensure optimal operation of the Sunflower II.
  • Clamp mount to easily attach to your desk

Sunflower II LED Features:

  • Ensures a Clean & Healthy Work Area – The Powerful Dust & Odor Extractor removes UV-Gel Dust, Fumes, and Nuisance Odors, and airborne viruses from the Breathing Zone of Nail Technicians and their clients
  • Improves Technician Visibility – Equipped with a powerful LED light, the Sunflower not only prevents the nail dust from polluting your salon air, but it also illuminates the area under it, where the nail technician is working

Product Additional Information

The Sunflower II LED Nail Dust Collector is a high-powered, low-noise entry-level source capture system that is ideal for use with UV Gel Polish.

This compact, portable unit also extracts vapors and odors emitted from UV Gel Polish to protect the breathing zone of manicurists and their clients.

The Sunflower II uses HEPA-quality filtration with activated carbon technology. The filter is composed of three layers: the inner and outer layers capture dust and the middle carbon filter absorbs odors.

The powerful LED allows for ideal illumination of the workstation, and the Sunflower II comes with an easily adjustable base with a clamp mount. This package includes 12 Sunflower II filters, or enough filters for 1 year!

  • Airflow Volume: 135 CFM airflow
  • Power: Input: DC 12V, 1.25 A, Max, CE Listed 135 CFM
  • Dimensions: SF Head: 9.25″, Head top diameter: 131mm (5.16″).
  • Weight: 5.25 lbs
  • Replacement Filter: Sunflower Replacement Filter (sold in packs of 5) should be emptied daily, and changed monthly.
  • Note: This unit comes with clamp mount, Other accessories sold separately: Wheeled Stand, Suction Mount, Hole Mount or screw on base.