5 Pack of Sunflower Replacement Filters

5 Pack of Sunflower Replacement Filters


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Pack of 5 replacement filters for the Sunflower II LED Nail Dust Collector. Outer filter is made of black carbon activated filter which is good for reducing smell and collecting dust.

Filter should be cleaned everyday or more often in a busy day for the better result.

To clean filters, users can clean the filters with a regular vacuum, or tap them outside building. Each box contains two sets of filters, one set of filter in the machine and one extra set of filter. On busy day, a user can use one filter in the morning and the extra in the afternoon and clean them both at the end of the day.


**Please note extra filters for the Sunflower II are currently back ordered. Be prepared to wait up to 10 weeks for your filters to ship.

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5 Pack of Sunflower Replacement Filters