Flexzorb Face Mask Adult

Flexzorb Face Mask Adult


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– Adjustable ear straps

– 5 layers of protection

– Flexible “bridge” that allows the wearer to fit the mask comfortably on the nose without “gaps”. This means the wearer can wear glasses above the mask and not have them steam up.

– The light cotton material on the inside of the mask does not stick to the face and causes acne.
This Face Mask is a medical-grade Washable Cotton mask with Flexzorb Anti Viral material fitted in a clinically clean environment.
The Flexzorb material is used in Germ Warfare masks and Space Suits and will capture viruses. see www.flexzorb.com for more information

Product Additional Information

Medical-Grade Face Mask

Nation’s Most Trusted Salon Air Quality & Ventilation Code Experts Since 2001

How to Use

– Thoroughly scrub your hands with soap, or use alcohol (60% min) hand sanitizer before handling the face mask.
– Remove from plastic bag and place over nose and mouth and secure behind the ears and over the nose. Black material should be on the outside of the mask.
– Before removing the mask from your face for any reason, eating drinking, etc, wash or sanitize your hands. Do not touch the mask if you have not done this!
– Replace the mask in the re-sealable plastic bag supplied.
– Repeat this process every time the mask is used.
– Remove the Flexzorb from the inside pouch and machine wash the mask, replace back in the pouch before use.
– Replace Flexzorb material every month. Refill packs are available to purchase on the accessories page of our site.


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Flexzorb Face Mask Adult