• Salon Suite Pro Package Black
  • Salon Suite Pro Package for Hair Stylists
  • Salon Suite Pro Package for Hair Stylists

Salon Suite Pro Package for Hair Stylists

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The Salon Suite Pro Package includes both the Healthy Air Chemical Source Capture System and Wall Mount Salon Air Purifier.

  • HealthyAir® Chemical Source Capture System with eHEPA® Technology is designed specifically to protect the breathing zones of hair stylists and prevent overexposure to formaldehyde. The most powerful and advanced source capture system on the market today, eHEPA® technology eliminates formaldehyde and chemical vapors in keratin hair smoothing treatments, perms, and other many other hair chemical services.
  • The Wall Mount Salon Air Purifier effectively removes vapors, odors, and dust from the room air using HEPA and Activated Carbon filters.


[button link=”https://aerovexsystems.com/product/chemical-source-capture-system-replacement-filters/” newwindow=”yes”] Chemical Source Capture System™ Replacement Filters [/button]

[button link=”https://aerovexsystems.com/product/wall-mount-air-purifier-replacement-filter/” newwindow=”yes”] Wall Mount Air Purifier Replacement Filter[/button]

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Removes Fumes and Vapors Caused by Keratin Smoothing Treatments

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