Nail 3-Zone FS (Filter & Sterilize)

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HealthyAir® Nail Source Capture System w/eHEPA® Technology

Maximize protecting your technician’s health with the HealthyAir® Nail Salon Source Capture System with eHEPA® Technology, the most advance and powerful portable source capture system available for use today. The patented eHEPA® technology cleans your salon air through an innovative three-stage filtration process, capturing and killing microscopic airborne particles through the Pre, eHEPA® and Activated Carbon filters. When configured to vent to the outside, the HealthyAir® Nail Salon Source Capture System with eHEPA® Technology will fully comply with, and exceed, the International Mechanical Codes (IMC) Ventilation Code requirements for nail salons. Airborne particles eliminated include but are not limited to: viruses, airborne pathogens, microorganisms, dust, gasses, odors, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), smoke, allergens, mold, and bacteria.

The HealthyAir® Nail Salon Source Capture System with eHEPA® Technology HealthyAir® offers the most advanced and powerful extraction technology available for use in Nail Salons. The patented eHEPA® Technology effectively cleans air in an efficient and innovative 3-stage (Pre-Filter, eHEPA®, Activated Carbon) process. As contaminated air passes through the unit the filters captures microscopic air borne particles and kill microorganisms; including dust, gasses, odors, VOCs, smoke, allergens, virus, bacteria, mold, and more! Accessories include: Optional second extraction arm for dual-table use, built in wheels for ultimate portability and an easy to change one-piece Integrated Filter Module. / The HealthyAir® Room Air Purifier with eHEPA® Technology consists of the most advanced & powerful filtration process, guaranteed to effectively trap & kill… Viruses, bacteria, microorganisms, nail dust, odors, fumes, mold allergen, VOCs, fungi, noxious gases, smoke and more! / With the Dust Plus Filters®, you reduce harmful particulates and gaseous air contaminants. This compact filtration system is made to fit any HVAC unit without requiring costly modifications or electrical connections. The Dust Plus Filters® have an increased dust holding capacity and is composed of two, rinse-able layers of Electrostatic Polypropylene grids that collect and trap dust. Each filter is composed of an interchangeable Activated Carbon Panel which captures and removes specific salon chemical vapors.

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Most Popular Three Zone Package. Kills Airborne Viruses!

Proven To Capture & Kill Airborne Pathogens, Microorganisms, and Viruses.

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