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Lash 3-Zone D (Deluxe)

Protects Against Cyanoacrylate Vapor & Airborne Virus Exposure!

  • The AirWave® N95 Dust Mask with SmartStrap® -- Extra protection for lash technicians. Minimizes the inhalation of chemical vapors as well as airborne dust.
  • Whisper Salon Source Capture System -- Quiet, compact protection against inhalation of cyanoacrylate vapors from eyelash extension adhesives. It also removes & captures 99.97% of microscopic particles such as viruses, allergens, and dust.
  • The One That WorksSalon Room Air Purifier with PCO Technology kills viruses, both airborne and on surfaces through Photocatalytic Oxidation to eliminate vapors & odors without chemicals or toxic by-products.

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Additional Product Features & Specifications:
The AirWave® N95 Dust Mask with SmartStrap®
The AirWave® N95 Dust Mask with SmartStrap® is the most effective, disposable respirator available for lash artists. Surgical-style masks only prevent the spread of germs. The Airwave® N95 minimizes inhalation of cyanoacrylate—the primary toxic vapor emitted from eyelash-extension adhesives—as well as formaldehyde and other vapors associated with lash- extension glue. It is especially recommended for chemically sensitive individuals or those with other respiratory health issues. The patent-pending design has a larger surface area, designed to allow more air to flow in and out of the mask, and it stays in place as you talk. The AirWave®N95 can be worn in cool comfort for longer periods of time without fogging of magnifying eyewear or eyeglasses. An outer layer of Dura-Mesh® is resistant to collapsing from heat and humidity, so the mask stays cleaner longer for cost savings.
Whisper™ Salon Source Capture System
Whisper™ Salon Source Capture System was designed specifically for use in lash studios. Source capture ventilation is necessary to protect both lash artists and clients from chemical vapor irritation in the eye, nose, and throat. In addition, the attentiveness of the eyelash extension artist to the client requires concentration and tranquility. This unit is “whisper-quiet” with a noise level well below normal conversational speech volume. The Whisper™ Salon Source Capture System ensures high-quality air in the breathing zone of the lash artist and client. The flexible arm of the Whisper™ is easy to position to capture cyanoacrylate vapors emitted from the eyelash adhesive. Other chemical vapors and residual salon dust particles are also powerfully extracted at the source. These air pollutants are pulled through a 4-stage filtration system, which neutralizes VOCs and returns purified air into the salon. It also protects against 99.97% of microscopic particles, such as viruses and allergens. The Whisper™ is more affordable and energy efficient. It is aesthetically pleasing and over 30% smaller than other salon source capture systems. Built-in caster wheels ensure easy maneuverability, and a 2-arm model is available.
The One That Works™ Salon Room Air Purifier
Aerovex Systems manufactures and exclusively distributes The One That Works™ Salon Room Air Purifier. Designed specifically to target more than 350 pollutants, from gases and odors to toxic chemicals, and bacteria-laden dust currently found in beauty salons. Open windows and ceiling fans can recirculate these sensory irritants and lead to headaches, burning eyes, and scratchy throats. The One That Works™ Salon Room Air Purifier's purification system features one of the highest grades of activated carbon available. It can be run 24 hours a day. Through the procedure called “fountain flow,” clean air will simultaneously circulate into your salon—up to 1,000 sq. ft.--while the bed of activated carbon pellets traps toxic chemical fumes and locks them away. The economical, machine-washable foam dust filter removes residual dust and other particles as small as one micron.
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