Hair 3-Zone D (Deluxe)

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Zone 1 – The Source. HealthyAir® Chemical Source Capture System w/eHEPA® Technology

Aerovex Systems is dedicated to the respiratory health of salon owners, stylists and their clients—the HealthyAir® products not only remove and capture, but also kill a variety of toxic airborne pathogens. eHEPA® technology combines the use of a high energy field with traditional HEPA filtration. Exclusively distributed by Aerovex, the HealthyAir® Chemical Source Capture System w/eHEPA® Technology is the foundation of our Hair 3-Zone Packages. Designed specifically to best protect the breathing zone of the hairstylist and the client, it prevents overexposure to formaldehyde during the 3 sequences of a keratin hair smoothing treatment—application, flat ironing and blow-drying. Whether the fumes are visible or have evaporated, the source capture system maximizes the removal of formaldehyde at the workstation before it spreads throughout the salon. It also cleans the air during laser hair-removal treatments and many other hair chemical services. In addition, the advanced 3-stage eHEPA® technology captures dust and kills airborne microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungi.

Zone 2 – The Room. The One That Works™ Salon Room Air Purifier

Aerovex Systems manufactures and exclusively distributes The One That Works™ Salon Room Air Purifier. Designed specifically to target more than 350 pollutants, from gases and odors to toxic chemicals, and bacteria-laden dust currently found in beauty salons. Open windows and ceiling fans can recirculate these sensory irritants and lead to headaches, burning eyes, and scratchy throats. The One That Works™ Salon Room Air Purifier's filtration system features one of the highest grades of activated carbon available. It can be run 24 hours a day. Through the procedure called “fountain flow”, clean air will simultaneously circulate into your salon—up to 1,000 sq. ft.--while the bed of activated carbon pellets traps toxic chemical fumes and locks them away. The economical, machine-washable foam dust filter removes residual dust and other particles as small as one micron.

Zone 3 – The Building. Dust Plus® Filters.

By replacing the current filter in your HVAC system with Dust Plus® Filters, residual amounts of vapors, fumes, and dust are prevented from continuously recirculating into the salon or from seeping into neighboring businesses. General room ventilation and A/C systems exchange the air inside a salon with fresh air from outside. Standard HVAC fiberglass filters collect some dust and pollen but cannot remove salon-specific vapors or the smallest dust particles. The Dust Plus® Filters are designed to remove, capture, and eliminate chemical vapors and dust. A front panel of electro-statically charged polypropylene increases the dust-holding capacity. The electrostatic charge is an inherent property of the 2 layers of woven fabric in the front panel and remains constant even with continual washing. A back panel of activated carbon removes, captures, and eliminates chemical vapors in the salon’s air. For most salon environments, the disposable back panel of activated carbon will last about three months. Easy to Maintain—Plain water and a mild detergent should be used on the front panel to periodically rinse away accumulated dust and other micro-particles. The back panel should be removed from the frame and vacuum-cleaned to extend its useful life.

Package Includes

  • The HealthyAir® Chemical Source Capture System w/eHEPA® was designed specifically to prevent overexposure to formaldehyde and protect the breathing zone of the stylist. eHEPA® technology eliminates vapors associated with keratin smoothing treatments and captures & kills viruses.
  • The One that WorksSalon Room Air Purifier targets over 350 pollutants. Clean air is circulated into the salon, while activated carbon pellets trap toxic fumes. A washable dust filter collects large dust and debris.
  • Dust Plus Filters® – a compact filtration system made to fit any HVAC unit without requiring costly modifications.

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