Pack of 4 Dust Plus® Replacement Filters – One Year Supply

From: $83.00 for 1 year


By replacing the current filter in your HVAC system every three months with Dust Plus® Filters, residual amounts of vapors, fumes, and dust are prevented from continuously recirculating into the salon or from seeping into neighboring businesses.

General room ventilation and A/C systems exchange the air inside a salon with fresh air from outside. Standard HVAC fiberglass filters collect some dust and pollen but cannot remove salon-specific vapors or the smallest dust particles.

The Dust Plus® Filters are designed to remove, capture, and eliminate chemical vapors and dust. A front panel of electro-statically charged polypropylene increases the dust-holding capacity.

Product Additional Information

Protect Neighboring Rooms & Residents from Fumes

Nation’s Most Trusted Nail Salon Air Quality & Ventilation Code Experts Since 2001

  • For use with Dust Plus HVAC filters
  • All standard & custom sizes available
  • Provides adequate airflow
  • Provides balanced heating and cooling
  • Provides allergy relief
  • Controls odors
  • Lifetime Warranty on permanent parts.
  • Once the interchangeable back panel has reached maximum adsorption, the panel is removed and replaced.
  • Galvanized steel frame and wire support