Dust Plus® HVAC Filters


General room ventilation and A/C systems exchange the air inside a salon with fresh air from outside. Standard HVAC fiberglass filters collect some dust and pollen but cannot remove salon-specific vapors or the smallest dust particles.

By replacing the current filter in your HVAC system with Dust Plus® Filters, residual amounts of vapors/fumes, odors, and microorganisms are prevented from continuously recirculating into the salon or from seeping into neighboring businesses.


Product Additional Information

Protect Neighboring Rooms & Residents from Salon Chemical Vapors/Fumes, Odors, & Microorganisms

Nation’s Most Trusted Nail Salon Air Quality & Ventilation Code Experts Since 2001

Additional Product Features & Specifications

The electrostatic charge is an inherent property of the woven fabric of the front panel and will remain constant over time, even with continual washing. For most salon environments, the disposable activated carbon back panel will last about three months.

Easy to Maintain: Should be periodically rinsed free of accumulated nail dust and other particles. Plain water and mild detergent may be used on the front panel; the back panel should be removed from the frame, and can be vacuum cleaned to extend its useful life.


  • – Custom sizes available.
  • – Designed to replace the filter(s) inside your HVAC system.
  • – Washable electrostatic polypropylene permanent prefilter for particulate removal
  • – Disposable 1/4” thick activated carbon afterfilter is sold in 4-packs for odor/fume removal
  • – Lifetime Warranty on permanent parts
  • – Provides balanced heating and cooling
  • – Provides allergy relief
  • – Replacement Filter Required: Dust Plus Filters® Replacement Activated Carbon Panels