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Ceiling Mount HealthyAir® Nail Salon Source Capture System

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UPDATE: Due to high demand, the Ceiling Mount Nail Source Capture System is currently on backorder until early May.  Pre-order ASAP to ensure prompt delivery when units are back in stock. Please contact our sales manager, Keith Gilmore at (800) 288-2023, to discuss your needs.

IMPORTANT: If you need to meet the International Mechanical Code (which requires outside ventilation), you will need to add the Outside Ventilation Adapter in the options above.

If salon space is limited but you want to make sure your salon clients and salon staff have the best in salon ventilation, Aerovex Systems now distributes a full line of HealthyAir® Ceiling Mount Source Capture Systems made specifically for ventilation in salon studios and salon stations.


UPDATE: Due to high demand, the Ceiling Mount Nail Source Capture System is currently on backorder until early May.  Pre-order ASAP to ensure prompt delivery when units are back in stock. Please contact our sales manager, Keith Gilmore at (800) 288-2023, to discuss your needs.

The HealthyAir® Ceiling Mount Source Capture System offers the most advanced and powerful extraction technology available for use in Nail Salons.

With patented technology, the HealthyAir® Ceiling Mount Source Capture System effectively cleans air in an efficient and innovative 3-stage process. As contaminated air passes through the unit, the Pre-Filter, eHEPA® Filter, and Activated Carbon Filter capture microscopic air borne particles and kill microorganisms; including dust, gasses, odors, VOCs, smoke, allergens, virus, bacteria, and mold.

The HealthyAir® Ceiling Mount Source Capture System mounts flush in most ceilings, saving precious floor space. Perfect for nail salons where space is at a premium. The unit is simple to operate and maintain. The drop-down filter housing enables easy replacement of filters.

By easily adjusting the flexible hose, the hood of the extraction arms can be strategically positioned to remove nail dust and chemical vapors to create a healthy breathing zone for nail technicians and clients.

Product Features

The Healthy Air® Ceiling Mount Source Capture System Removes Salon Fumes and Chemical Vapors, Collects Nail Dust and Microscopic Debris, and Captures and Kills Airborne Microorganisms in a patented 3-stage filtration process. The Dual Inlet System Provides Effective Salon Air Ventilation for 2 Nail Stations.


 Single Inlet Ceiling Mounted Nail Source Capture System Spec Sheet

Example Drawing of Vented Source Capture Systems inside Nail Salon


  • Model Number HA-CMP-G1-W
  • Rated Voltage 120V/60HZ
  • Power Consumption 200W
  • Weight 65 lbs. (29.5 kg)
  • Base Dimensions 24x24x15.4 in. (600×600×392 mm)
  • Noise Level 56 dB
  • 3 Fan Speeds: High Med Low
  • CFM Total (Cubic Feet/Min.) at each fan speed: High – 226; Med – 188; Low – 144


Click HERE to view or download spec sheet.

Click HERE to view or download instruction manual.

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    Answered by the admin

    Hi!  That would depend on the number of nail technicians.  The Ceiling Mount HealthyAir® Nail Salon Source Capture System can service (2) nail stations at once.  

  2. 0 votes
    Answered by the admin

    Hi!  Yes, there is a version of this unit available that can be vented to the outside enabling it meet the source capture requirement as stated in the International Mechanical Code (IMC) for nail salons. 

    Please contact us for more details!

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Customer Reviews

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Lorri Ducharme

I am completely in awe of this amazing source capture! I've tried other table top units but this is by far THE BEST! Very little dust on my table and even less fine dust entering my lungs!!!! Your health is far too precious to not invest in this!! I also purchased The Air Purifier and it cut down of acrylic and hair product smells ( perms/colors) Clients noticed the difference right away! Get 3 zone certified by installing filters in your heat/ac vents! Well worth the investment. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Lorri Ducharme
Prestige Nails and Pedicures / Dudley

Lucien Henderson

Thing works like a charm. Gets all the dust and fumes. Surprised by how quiet it is. A much more pleasant and healthy environment for everyone. My office is in an office building. My neighbors are architects, insurance, software designers and such. The ducting is connected for all of us. The Healthy Air™ unit is a great benefit to me, my clients and even my neighbors.

Lucien Henderson
Empower Nail Art / Thousand Oaks, 1

Gladys Olmedo

I love the new features . The clear hood, that allows us to see what we are doing. Also there is a light, it is easy to change the filters and when you buy a new machine, they are easy to assemble. I can't say enough about my machines, I own three. People are gambling with their health when they are doing Brazilian Blowouts without any protection. I believe in the Aerovex Healthy Air™ systems. For all of the people who do Brazilian Blowouts, you need to buy the Aerovex, air purification system. Treat yourself to better air. Otherwise, the only thing you will have later on in life is bad health, be preventive take the first step and buy them. You won't regret it.

Gladys Olmedo / Costa Mesa, 1

Shane Hawkins

Shane Hair Style Color uses state-of-the-art Aerovex™ technology to clean the air and lessen your exposure to chemical fumes. Aerovex Systems’ Chemical Source Capture System is a specialized ventilation system designed to absorb and remove Keratin Treatment formaldehyde vapors from the air. In addition to creating a very well ventilated area for stylists & salon patrons, the Chemical Source Capture System lowers the potential for excessive inhalation exposure.

Shane Hawkins
Shane Hair Style Color / West Hollywood, 1

Chris Lewin

Thank you again! Our inspector just popped in again and said that as he was so impressed with our ventilation system, he has asked his manager if he can create an endorsement letter from the council for us to display in the salon. :)

Chris Lewin
Co-Owner of Linh’s Salon / East Hampshire, England, 1

Rita Horvath

I use the source capture machine in my nail salon. It really does the job eliminating dust, and odors.

Rita Horvath
Nail Care By Rita / Hollywood

Eryn Adams

I have been doing acrylic nails for over 35 now. I have always used a vented table thinking this was enough protection. I am now working in a larger salon and have gotten several complaints about the odor. I purchased one of your source capture systems last week and I am very happy with it and so is every one in my salon! I have some health issues and I am beginning to wonder if smelling these toxic chemicals all these years has contributed to these problems. I surely urge any one working with these toxic chemicals to give your system a try for their own health and their clients health! Thank you again!

Eryn Adams
Studio West / Golden, 1

Deb Lambert

Our salon, Salon 5200 in Hilton Head Island, SC started using your Aerovex System last week and what a difference! We were concerned about the environment in our salon because one of our staff is going to have a baby. Our minds are at ease knowing that we are protecting our staff and clients from any harmful chemicals. Our clients noticed almost immediately the fresh smell in the salon. I myself had suffered headaches when a perm was being processed, and since we have used the Aerovex System, they are gone! Not only clean air but almost dust free as well. Can't ask for more. Thank you again for such a wonderful system.

Deb Lambert
Salon 5200 / Hilton Head Island, 1


My life has changed. There are so many things that can bother clients and stylists. Your system has made a world of difference in our salon.

Belleza Salon and Spa / Centenial, 1

Georgianna Gasdorf- Halverson

These units have absolutely changed our school. We can have 10 students at one time doing acrylic and no smell. Our students feel great when they leave school verses being tired and headaches. Thanks Aerovex!

Georgianna Gasdorf- Halverson
Elite Nail School / Madison, 1

Ruth Windsor

I love having the flexibility of being able to put the hose where I need it. When I am hand filing or removing gel polish/glitter I can have the hood/hose over my hands and I don't have to worry about breathing in the dust and then when I am doing a re-white or shortening the nails I can lay it on the table top to pull all that large debris away. I can move my hands freely and am not locked/frozen in one spot. No hand, neck, or back pain or sprain here. Wish I had made this investment years ago.

Ruth Windsor
Angelic Beauty Works / Dearborn Heights, 1


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