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Nail Salon Air Purifiers

Three Zone Packages

Three Zone Packages

Why Become Three Zone Protection Certified?

#1 Reason: Salons Can Make More Money 

When nail salons are Three Zone Protection Certified, they often times are able to charge higher prices because clients are willing to pay more since they’re not breathing in unhealthy chemicals they’re exposed to in other salons.


  • Zone 1: The Breathing Zone – Protecting your nail technician’s and customer’s breathing zones from harmful chemicals and dust.  This is taken care of by a Nail Source Capture System.
  • Zone 2: Salon Zone – 20-25% of nail dust, vapors and odors will NOT be caught by the source capture systems, because of various levels of crosswind (open window or door, blowing fan, etc.) so it’s vital you protect the rest of the salon space with an salon room air purifier.
  • Zone 3: Building Zone – Connecting rooms (restrooms, office, break room, etc.) and neighboring can be vulnerable to escaping vapors and odors, so it’s best to have the Dust Plus filter. This filter goes into your HVAC system or an intake vent.

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Deb Lambert

Our salon, Salon 5200 in Hilton Head Island, SC started using your Aerovex System last week and what a difference! We were concerned about the environment in our salon because one of our staff is going to have a baby. Our minds are at ease knowing that we are protecting our staff and clients from any harmful chemicals. Our clients noticed almost immediately the fresh smell in the salon. I myself had suffered headaches when a perm was being processed, and since we have used the Aerovex System, they are gone! Not only clean air but almost dust free as well. Can't ask for more. Thank you again for such a wonderful system.

Deb Lambert
Salon 5200 / Hilton Head Island, 1


My life has changed. There are so many things that can bother clients and stylists. Your system has made a world of difference in our salon.

Belleza Salon and Spa / Centenial, 1

Sang Troung, Nail Salon Owner

Hi Jeff! This is Sang in Alabama. I just wanted to say thank you to you, because you sold me the Aerovex air purifier which really works in my salon. All my customers tell me that my nail salon doesn’t have the strong smell like the other salons, so I am very happy! Thanks again Jeff!

Sang Troung, Nail Salon Owner

Georgianna Gasdorf- Halverson

These units have absolutely changed our school. We can have 10 students at one time doing acrylic and no smell. Our students feel great when they leave school verses being tired and headaches. Thanks Aerovex!

Georgianna Gasdorf- Halverson
Elite Nail School / Madison, 1

Ruth Windsor

I love having the flexibility of being able to put the hose where I need it. When I am hand filing or removing gel polish/glitter I can have the hood/hose over my hands and I don't have to worry about breathing in the dust and then when I am doing a re-white or shortening the nails I can lay it on the table top to pull all that large debris away. I can move my hands freely and am not locked/frozen in one spot. No hand, neck, or back pain or sprain here. Wish I had made this investment years ago.

Ruth Windsor
Angelic Beauty Works / Dearborn Heights, 1


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