Salon Air Quality & Ventilation Code Experts


This post will offer some tools (engineering controls), to salons so that they can provide keratin hair smoothing services in both a safe & fresh air environment.  Almost every article on the internet pertaining to the “hair smoothing controversy”, and recent events (including OSHA warnings and fines), alert salons about the importance of appropriate work practices and proper salon ventilation.  As of right now, most salons lack the proper ventilation needed to ensure safety for the full range of chemical services offered, including hair smoothing, color, bleach and artificial nail services.  New technology (the salon chemical source capture system) has been developed and proven to be highly effective for improving salon air quality by minimizing exposure to formaldehyde, as well as the many other gases, vapors and dusts found in salons.

There are many helpful resources on the web to help salon professionals stay informed as well as assist them in meeting OSHA requirements for salon safety.  An example of this can be seen here.

Aerovex Systems recommends a three-tier approach to achieve proper ventilation appropriate for the salon chemical services being provided.  The three-tiers are as follows:

1.) Protect the breathing zone of the stylist and client with Source Capture Ventilation.

2.) Cleanse the work station air with a Salon Air Purifier.

3.) Filter the general buildings’ air (HVAC System), with an Absolute Filter, designed to remove salon vapors and dusts.

For more information on Aerovex Systems’ “Three Zone Protection” salon ventilation for all salon chemical services, click here.