Salon Air Quality & Ventilation Code Experts

Internationally known salon industry scientist Doug Schoon explains it’s easy to work safely in a professional salon:

“Think of protecting yourself in three zones.  Technicians and stylists should first be concerned about their “breathing zone”, which is an invisible two foot sphere in front of you and your client’s mouth from which we draw every breath.  Next, consider your work station as its own zone.  And finally, think for the general building air as the final zone.  All three zones should be considered to ensure proper salon ventilation and good air quality for employees and clients”.

So there it is.  Ensuring safe, clean air in your salon is easy if you break it down into 3 layers (or “zones”) of protection…

Zone 1 – Your Breathing Zone.  Protect this zone my implementing a source capture system that captures dust and vapors at the source, preventing pollutants from entering the two foot sphere around your mouth from which you take every breath.

Zone 2 – Your Work Station.  Protect this zone with a purifier that takes in polluted salon air and produces a “fountain flow” of fresh clean air in your work zone and throughout the salon.

Zone 3 – General Building Air.  Protect this final zone in the system by using a salon-specific HVAC (furnace and air conditioning) filter designed to take out fine dusts and chemical vapors that are present in today’s salons, not one designed for a residential atmosphere.

Three zone protection.  It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Check out the video below to see industry expert and scientist Doug Schoon explain just how Three Zone Protection works!

Aerovex Systems Three Zone Salon Ventilation – Doug Schoon