Salon Air Quality & Ventilation Code Experts

Hair and nail salons can provide a great environment to relax and unwind. Customers enjoy leaving their worries at the door for a few hours while they do something special just for themselves. However, there may be something to worry about in many salon environments. Hair treatments such as perms, dyes, and straightening methods have been linked to health risks including respiratory problems and mucus membrane irritation.

Hair salon workers and frequent customers are exposed to formaldehyde and other toxic fumes from salon products like hairspray. Nail salons also harbor toxins in the air from nail polish and tiny particles released when manicures or pedicures are filed.

However, these dangers can be avoided by taking proper action. The Three Zone Ventilation System offers a way for salon owners to purify the air in their workplace and make it safe for customers and employees. “The One That Works” air purifier is a system designed to remove not only harmful fumes but also tiny particles like hair clippings and dust from nails. It will eliminate undesirable odors from cigarette smoke, acrylics, and styling products. It even removes bacteria and viruses from the air, promoting the health of customers and stylists alike. This lightweight, portable machine traps particles as tiny as one micron! It’s convenient to maintain, and you can run it all day long.

You pay a lot for cosmetic treatments, and you have a right to protection from airborne toxins. Salons are currently not regulated and required to meet safety standards. Therefore, it is up to the consumers to demand safety measures. A Chemical Source Capture System is the best way to ensure the safety and comfort of salon workers and their clients.