Jeff Cardarella, Owner of Aerovex Systems Explains Proper Ventilation for All Chemical Hair Services at the La-Brasiliana Exhibit at the American Beauty Show in Chicago | Aerovex Systems, Inc.
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Jeff Cardarella, owner of Aerovex Systems speaks at the American Beauty Show in Chicago, IL.


Aerovex Systems owner Jeff Cardarella explains proper ventilation appropriate for all chemical hair services with salon owners & stylists at the La-Brasiliana exhibit,  American Beauty Show – Chicago.  La-Brasiliana is one of the first keratin hair smoothing manufacturers to promote source capture ventilation in the salon, and actually demonstrate how it works at an industry trade show.  Company owner, Armando Petrucelli states:  “La-Brasiliana has always placed a priority upon safe use of its products.  From the beginning, as one of the original manufacturers to introduce keratin treatments, we were extremely conscientious about keeping levels of formaldehyde producing ingredients as low as possible to ensure safe use.  Our labeling has always included the caution: Use in a Well Ventilated Area!

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