Salon Air Quality & Ventilation Code Experts

The Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services (Oregon OSHA) issued an alert today about formaldehyde in products used to smooth or straighten hair.

The occupational safety and health agency recently tested more than 100 product samples from about 50 Oregon salons. Oregon OSHA said it confirmed earlier test results that showed significant levels of formaldehyde.

The testing included samples of Brazilian Blowout Solution labeled “formaldehyde free.” According to researchers, the latest results ranged from about 6 percent to to nearly 12 percent formaldehyde.

Solutions with a formaldehyde content of more than 0.1 percent must list formaldehyde as an ingredient.

Researchers said other brands of hair smoothing solution also revealed formaldehyde.

Oregon OSHA also conducted air monitoring tests as stylists conducted treatments using the Brazilian Blowout product. The exposure to local stylists during the testing did not exceed OSHA’s permissible exposure limit.

“Although it’s not clear whether the regulatory level of airborne exposure would be exceeded based on our results, it is clear that the levels are high enough to cause concern,” said Michael Wood, Oregon OSHA Administrator.

The hazard alert–sent to all Oregon salons–includes information about formaldehyde as well as safety precautions for stylists working with hair smoothing solutions.

The Brazilian Blowout company has conducted its own tests and defends its products as safe and formaldehyde free. The company plans to issue a statement on Oregon OSHA’s latest test results on Monday.

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