Salon Air Quality & Ventilation Code Experts

“The Dust created by an e-file is a major, major long-term potential issue for developing chronic lung problems through regular exposure to irritants found in all nail dust, fungal nail particles and artificial nail products which aerosol dust in providing virtually every nail service.

If you are not taking steps to reduce this immediately with a combination of an Aerovex system and a vacuum capture device mounted directly on the e-file such as systems from Medicool, Erica File, or JanL you are flirting with long term illnesses. E-file capture devices will contain up to 60-70% of nail dust, but you definitely need the Aerovex to get the rest. However, all manual filing services need the benefit of the Aerovex as no other system offers as much benefit.

I have been using an Aerovex in all my treatment rooms for over a year and I have discovered that even using a simple nail nipper will generate an explosion of nail dust from the snap of a single nipper bite. I have been a podiatrist for 21 years and until the Aerovex came along with its extremely bright LED systems and superior flow system I had no idea how problematic a simple nail nipper was in generating dust.

You simply cannot see the difference until you see the Aerovex videos that are being made now. I am the only podiatrist using Aerovex and plan to let other medical professionals see what I have discovered. However, the same issue is true in the nail salon world as well in that nail nippers generate dust in the same manner.

One simply cannot see this phenomenon with the nippers under normal light, but it is remarkable with the Aerovex the extra detail you can see. I would not have known this about this explosive dust information about nail nippers under other lighting systems, but most nail nippers are not as sharp as they should be and therefore crush the nail instead of cutting the nail. The new disposable MediNail nippers are sharp and cut the nail better than most nippers each and every time. Sharp nail nipper and properly equipped e-files in combination with the Aerovex system and make the triad complete and is the most superior protective system on the market to date for protecting medical professionals and nail techs alike.”

Dr. Robert Spalding, DPM


The Bright LED lights on the Aerovex system demonstrates how indirect lighting exposes the hazardous aerosol plume of fungal nail debris. The major revelation is that even normal nails produce a plume of nail debris that a nail professional can over a life time of delivering routine foot care or normal nail care and trigger chronic respiratory diseases. Medinail is the world’s leader in training, testing and specialize products that protect all aspects of delivering professional nail care.



MediNail Learning Center, MLC ( demonstrates how the Aerovex Ventilation System significantly reduces the airborne nail debris from simple nail care with standard nail nippers to avoid long term chronic health hazards for podiatrists, Medical Nail Technicians, Advanced Nail Technicians and anyone who performs regular nail care or routine foot care. Most nail nippers crush and pulverize the nail plate during normal nail and fungal nail debridement.