Salon Air Quality & Ventilation Code Experts

Lorri Ducharme, Owner of Prestige Nails, Dudley MA, Advocates Protecting NT Respiratory Health!

Lorri is a local advocate for making Massachusetts’ nail salons the healthiest and safest in the nation. Her mission includes helping teach nail technicians how to protect their breathing zone from inhalation exposure to nail vapors, dust & microorganisms with a professionally designed Healthy Air® nail source capture system.

Aerovex Systems is  proud to be working with both Lorri and Crystal Pike, owner, Safe Salon Supply, to raise awareness and to work together towards modifying & upgrading standards to protect the respiratory health of nail technicians.

Lorri has also always been an advocate for aseptic techniques and the best in sanitation for her clients. 

 Prestige Salon has the professional nail care industry status of “Medi-Nails Certification,” and  notes, currently they are the only such salon in Central Massachusetts to hold this respected distinction with a five-star rating.