Salon Air Quality & Ventilation Code Experts

Written by Jeff Cardarella, Owner of Aerovex Systems, Inc. and founding member of the Professional Keratin Smoothing Council (PKSC).

Scary photos of stylists wearing gas mask respirators are still being used to spread fear, when simply using a Chemical Source Capture System™ will eliminate inhalation exposure to formaldehyde vapors/fumes.

Well after a decade since Brazilian Blowout was first introduced to hair salons in the U.S., and well after the Brazilian Blowout Blowup controversy, Oct. 2011, proper ventilation appropriate for all keratin hair smoothing services, including Brazilian Blowout is still neglected in articles like this one.

The second photo in this article shows product application which creates the 2nd greatest spike in formaldehyde exposure, much greater than flat ironing when the fumes are clearly visible, but create less formaldehyde exposure than blow drying or product application. This fact is still not well known amongst stylists providing keratin hair smoothing services.*Notice the excessive product application, which is a chief culprit causing overexposure.

Also, the stylist should be wearing nitrile gloves to avoid skin contact!

If your salon would like to increase its keratin hair smoothing traffic & revenues, while providing a safe & comfortable fresh air salon environment, simply purchase a Chemical Source Capture System!


With the proper use of the correct control measures, such as the Chemical Source Capture System™ and nitrile gloves, keratin smoothing treatments can be done safely!