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Dust Bunny Wiping Cloths

Price: $146.00    Aerovex Low Price!

Style:  17" x 18" - 1 Dozen

Model:  PS-DB

• Meets or Exceeds OSHA Standards

Dust Bunny Wiping Cloths for Printing Industry.

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Introducing the Next Generation of Dust Bunny® Magnetic Wiping Cloth from Aerovex Systems, Inc. The Next Generation Dust Bunny® Magnetic Wiping Cloth is a unique, microfilament fabric that combines excellent textile and mechanical properties. Similar to traditional microfiber cloths, it is soft and light, but it is also extremely durable at the same time.

Due to its dense compact polyester and nylon fiber structure, Dust Bunny® Magnetic Wiping Cloth displays great barrier and filtration properties. Its internal microfilament structure is very absorbent, yet also breathable and quick to dry. Unlike staple fibers, Dust Bunny® Magnetic Wiping Cloth has a unique structure of infinite microfilaments that ensure strength and dimensional stability, which makes it ideal for durable and demanding applications.

CLEANING POWER – In wiping applications Dust Bunny® Magnetic Wiping Cloth performance is outstanding in household cleaning or demanding industrial environments such as on dirt, dust, liquids, grease and inks. Dust Bunny® Magnetic Wiping Cloth microfilaments are up to 100 times thinner than a human hair, and 5 to 10 times thinner than most other microfiber cloths. It is the extremely thin microfilaments that make Dust Bunny® Magnetic Wiping Cloth the most efficient magnetic wiping cloth at trapping nail dust and removing it from salon surfaces.

ABSORPTION – Thanks to the very large internal surface area of microfilaments, Dust Bunny® Magnetic Wiping Cloth can absorb up to 400% times its weight in liquid. Due to its no stain, no fiber release, Dust Bunny® Magnetic Wiping Cloth is the ideal solution for delicate surfaces, such as graphic arts glass and all other hard surfaces.

WASHABLE – Dust Bunny® Magnetic Wiping Cloth is a long-lasting, reusable material that can be washed many times in temperatures up to 95°C. And due to the fact that there are no binders or solvents, skin contact irritations are prevented while helping to reduce the impact of waste on our environment.

FAST DRYING – Dust Bunny® Magnetic Wiping Cloth has a very large internal surface area of microfilaments that dries very fast when in contact with the air.

STRONG AND NON-DIRECTIONAL – Dust Bunny® Magnetic Wiping Cloth is very strong and isotropic, meaning its properties are identical and invariant in any direction. Good mechanical characteristics result in a fabric that does not lose its shape or uniformity, even after heavy use and multiple wash cycles. 

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