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Cyber-Fabric Wiping Cloths

Price: $76.75    Aerovex Low Price!

Style:  9" x 18" - 1 Dozen

Model:  PS-CF

• Meets or Exceeds OSHA Standards

Cyber-Fabric Wiping Cloths for Printing Industry.

Availability: IN STOCK
Usually ships within 1-3 business days.
Cyber-Fabric electro-statically charged "magnetic" cloths attract dust debris like a magnet. Millions of microscopic loops catch and hold the dust as you wipe it across the surface. Super-soft fabric allows safe cleaning of Prepress glass, films, plates, drums, computer monitors, etc. 

Extra soft for surface safe cleaning of: FILM - PLATES - SUBSTRATES, i.e. clear polyester film, photographic film, and screen printing substrates, including Mylar, Lexan, Vinyl & Coroplast

Micro-porous cloth surface holds dirt like a sponge.

Impress treated surfaces allow the "magnetic" cloth to remove all types of dirt & dust debris, never releasing it from the fabric until washed in water. No chemicals required. Use dry, folded as it comes. Flip to an unsoiled panel for an always clean dust cloth surface.
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