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Salon Ventilation
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Selected educational resources of interest to salon owners

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 Guidelines for Controlling and Minimizing Inhalation Exposure to Nail Products
Source Capture for Nail Salons

Salon Resources
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Salon Air Quality Salon Guidelines

Features Include:
- Compact Size
- Portable with one or two            inlets for use at multiple nail    stations
- Powerful 3 speed fan  with           down clow exhaust for low           noise
- Electronic control panel                                                          with wireless remote control
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Salon Air Quality  
You Are Now Entering the Breathing Zone

  Ventilation Compliance

Salon Air Quality Resources
The invisible beach ball-sized sphere of air that surrounds your face in all directions is a great place to start implementing efficient salon ventilation.  NAILS walks you through all of the things you need to know in this great article. 

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Ventilation Compliance Salon Ventilation ComplianceHighly effective nail dust, vapor/odor and airborne pathogen source capture system. With 200 cfm of suction at the capture hood, Healthy Air™ Nails Source Capture System provides 4 times the required airflow. 

Learn About Compliance 
Salon Air Quality   Salon Air Quality
Keratin Hair Smoothing Salon Ventilation

  Breathe Easy 

Nail Salon ResourcesThe salon industry is notorious for having improper ventilation in place to protect salon workers from overexposure to salon chemical vapors, mists and dusts. An incomplete understanding of salon...

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Ventilation Compliance Hair Salon ResourcesBeware the air! If you’re wheezing and sneezing, it could be the salon environment. How do you clean a surface you can’t see?

Learn more
Salon Air Quality   Salon Air Quality
10 Risky Jobs for Your Lungs

A Case-Control Study in Hairdressers

Salon Resources For Hair SalonsYour lungs work hard. Most adults take more than 20,000 breaths a day. But just how well your lungs do their job may be affected by the job you do.

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Ventilation Compliance Salon ResourcesOccupational and environmental exposures increase the risk of asthma, COPD, and other respiratory diseases. These respiratory diseases are predicted to become the third leading cause of death by 2020...

Read full article 
Salon Air Quality   Salon Air Quality

Doug Schoon Innovation Awards 


Reducing Inhalation Exposure to Nail
Salon Products

Salon Clean Air
Chemical Source Capture Systems - Most Innovative Idea 1st Runner Up from Schoon Scientific 

Ventilation Compliance Salon Clean Air
Salon industry expert and scientist Doug Schoon lays out in simple terms the most effective way to minimize exposure to nail salon dusts and chemical vapors.

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Salon Air Quality   Salon Air Quality

Doesn't This Smell Bother You?


HealthyAir® eHEPA
® Technology with Enhanced Carbon Catalytic Filtration:

What’s the Advantage?

Salon Air Quality

“If you smelled a gas leak in your house, you wouldn’t want an air purifier to get rid of the smell, you would want to get rid of the gas”, says Doug Schoon, chief scientific advisor for CND.

 Complete Article »

Ventilation Compliance Salon Resources and Tips

Nail Salons as Your Neighbor or Tenant

  "Overexposed, Underinformed": Nail Salon Workers and Hazards to Their Health / A Review of the Literature 

Salon Air Quality Articles

12 Smple Nail Salon Fresh Air Guidelines YOU can Follow

 Complete Article »

Ventilation Compliance Salon Resources And Articles
Complete Article »

New York State Department of Health - Review of Chemicals Used in Nail Salons

  IMC Approval or Alternatives 

Salon Air Quality Guidelines

Review of Chemicals Used in Nail Salons

 Complete Article »

Ventilation Compliance Salon Resource Paper
Complete Article »

Worker Exposures to Dusts and Vapors in Nail Salons 

Salon Resource Guide

Complete Article »


Ventilation Compliance

"Dust Up Over Nail Salon Quality" 

Dust Up Over Nail Salon Air Quality

Complete Article »



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Salon Ventilation
Hair Salon Ventilation

Appreciated by thousands...
"I have been using the Sunflower II system for several years and I wouldn't be without it! It takes SO MUCH of the dust out of the air and it's so very easy to use and clean. The light adds just another great element to the product, and's quiet! I should also add that the support I received from Aerovex was second to none! Thanks for making my salon that much better!"
Janet Yeomans, Owner/Operator
Polished Elegant Nails

"I love having the flexibility of being able to put the hose where I need it. When I am hand filing or removing gel polish/glitter I can have the hood/hose over my hands and I don't have to worry about breathing in the dust and then when I am doing a re-white or shortening the nails I can lay it on the table top to pull all that large debris away. I can move my hands freely and am not locked/frozen in one spot. No hand, neck, or back pain or sprain here. Wish I had made this investment years ago. "
Ruth Windsor
Angelic Beauty Works
Dearborn Heights, 1

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